Water Softener

Have you ever had a guest ask for a glass of water, and when you reach for a fresh glass, you see it's covered in hard water spots? Well, you're not the only one. Unfortunately, hard water is a plague throughout all of East Idaho. This hard water is why we have partnered with NuGen to offer you one of the newest high-tech efficient water softeners on the market.

The Prodigy soft water system uses an advanced proportional brining technology that uses 50% less salt than other water softeners. In addition, the prodigy has a large electronic display that is programmed to manage your water efficiently and effectively. So give us a call today and say goodbye to water-stained glasses and hello to soft clean water.

VIP Service Free for the First Year!

Included in the Service: Thorough plumbing inspection, water testing, water softener servicing, and filter inspections.